MyRewards gives customers on MyHome access to a huge range of online and in person discounts.

Feedback from our customers told us that real, tangible benefits to help with everyday living costs is what would help them most. This is what MyRewards is all about.  

Find out more in our FAQs below.

Can everyone access MyRewards?

You can access MyRewards through MyHome. You will need a MyHome log in and a device connected to the internet to access the system. If you need any help registering for MyHome or getting online please let us know – we'll be happy to help.

Currently the scheme is only online – however through our partnership with We Are Digital, we’re able to help customers who don’t have access to the internet, get online. Please contact us if you’d like to be referred.

How can I sign up for MyRewards?

Customers including leaseholders and shared owners are eligible for MyRewards.

To log into MyRewards, simply log into MyHome and then click on the MyRewards link.

If you’ve only recently registered for MyHome, please allow a few days for your MyRewards link to be activated.

If you’ve previously visited and registered on MyRewards, you should be able to log straight in from MyHome without re-entering your username and password. If it’s your first time visiting MyRewards, you’ll be asked to enter your address, date of birth and to accept the Terms & Conditions and choose a username and password, too.

We may use your date of birth to confirm your identity if you need to talk to us about your account or reset your password.

What are the benefits?

MyRewards provides access to benefits and discounts from nearly 500 online and in person stores.

Where can I go to get more information?

Log on to MyHome and click on the MyRewards link.

How does MyRewards work?

You get a discount code that you use at checkout or you can print it out to use at the till in a shop.

I’ve forgotten my password for MyRewards

You won’t need your password to log into MyRewards – simply click on the MyRewards link once you’re logged into your MyHome account and you should be logged straight in. If this isn’t working for you, please use Live Chat (available via the icon at the top of the screen) or email using the messages icon.

How do I access it?

MyRewards is accessed through our MyHome service online and will also be available through the app.

I’ve been asked to set up 2-step authentication (2SA). What is this?

2SA is optional additional security for MyRewards. If you enable this, you will need to download a free Authenticator app and use this to verify your identity each time you wish to access MyRewards. You can enable or disable 2SA in your profile on MyRewards.

MyHome is a safe and secure site for customers and MyRewards is accessed via MyHome.

Why do you need my mobile number to register for MyRewards?

We may use your mobile number to confirm your identify when placing reward orders on the MyRewards website. It’s important that your mobile number is kept up to date which can be managed through the My Profile section of MyRewards.

What do I do if I can't sign into MyHome?

Please use the Live Chat facility on the MyHome landing page.

I have a username and password for MyRewards but I’m not sure where to log in

You should be able to log in to MyRewards via the link you see once you’re logged into your MyHome account, unless you have 2SA enabled. If you have any problems, please use Live Chat (available via the icon at the top of the screen) or email using the messages icon.

I am having trouble with getting the benefits

There is a Live Chat function in MyRewards which will help you with any benefit or reward queries.

I have a problem with MyRewards

If you are struggling to log into your MyRewards account, you can contact customer services within MyRewards. Please use Live Chat (available via the icon at the top of the screen) or email using the messages icon.

Stonewater’s Customer Service Centre will not be able to assist you with these queries.

Can I get a discount if I’m not registered on MyHome?

No, MyRewards can only be accessed through MyHome.

Does Stonewater get any incentives for directing customers to online retailers?

No – all the benefits go directly to our customers.

Can I have cash instead?

No, there is no cash alternative.