Repairs and maintenance

We understand how important your home is to you, and we are committed to helping you keep your home in good condition.

**Please note that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we have currently restricted our repairs service to temporary emergency safety repairs only. For more information, visit our dedicated page.**

During the first 12 months following the build of your property

In the first 12 months following the build of your property, any defects that occur as a result of the construction will be remedied by the developer rather than Stonewater.

During this time, please report any defects to us and we will then pass these on to the developer, who will contact you about fixing the issue. We will ensure your landlord is aware of any defects we report on your behalf.

After the first 12 months following the build of your property

We aim to carry out repairs as quickly as possible, based on an appointment system. Repairs are prioritised depending upon;

  • Seriousness of the defect
  • Impact it will have on the household
  • Potential damage to the property

Repairs are categorised as 'Emergency' or 'By Appointment.'

You can find out everything you need to know about repairs, including whose responsibility they are, types of repairs and much more in our Getting your home repaired guide.

To report a non-emergency defect or repair, simply fill out the form below. For emergency repairs, please call us on 01202 797 385.

Find out more about health and safety at home, such as gas safety, fire safety and preventing condensation.

Report repairs or defects

Use this form to report any non-emergency repairs or defects