Your agreement

We want you to be very happy in your new home and hope you'll find everything you need to know when you first become a Legal & General Affordable Homes customer here.

As a homeowner, you will have an individual agreement with Legal & General Affordable Homes that is unique to your property. This will either be known as a 'lease' or a 'transfer document'.

It's important you know the type of agreement you have so you understand your rights and responsibilities, along with the services we will provide.

Your lease is a legal document and means that you do not own the land on which your home is built. The land is owned by your landlord, Legal & General Affordable Homes, who grants the lease.

The lease will run for a number of years (usually 99 or 125 years) and will contain legally-binding obligations.

Find out more

Take a look at our shared ownership handbook for everything you need to know, from repairs and maintenance to buying more shares in your home.