What can I do if I'm worried about paying my rent?

Stonewater wants to support people at this difficult time. More than ever, our homes are our sanctuaries.

If your income is not adversely affected by the current situation it's important that you continue to pay your rent as normal. This will enable us to maintain our vital services and prevent you from getting into rent arrears which you’ll have to pay off in the future.

However, we know that for many of you, especially if you’re self-employed or on zero hours contracts, your financial circumstances may be difficult or uncertain. That’s why we’ve introduced the option of new Flexible Payment arrangements, to help customers in particular circumstances manage rent payments during this difficult time. You can find more on how this works in the Flexible Payment Guide below.

We’re committed to working together to understand your situation so please contact us as soon as possible if you’re experiencing problems paying your rent, or believe you will have in future.

You can also find out more about individual hardship grants from our partner charity, the Longleigh Foundation, here.

Flexible Payment Guide

Flexible Payment Guide


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