What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour can include:

  • Drugs/substance or alcohol misuse/suspected drug dealing

  • Noise nuisance, including screaming and shouting/door slamming/music/TV/visitors

  • Hate-related harassment, based on race, gender, disability status, religion, age, sexual orientation

  • Vandalism/damage to property

  • Verbal abuse/harassment/threats

  • Domestic abuse/violence

  • Other physical violence

Sometimes other people’s behaviour is inconsiderate, but it does not necessarily mean it is anti-social behaviour. It’s important to remember that people live in different ways and have different levels of tolerance. What may be fine for one person may not be fine for someone else.

Examples of behaviour that may not automatically be considered anti-social include:

  • Children playing

  • Poor condition of property/garden

  • Fly tipping

  • Car parking

  • Babies crying

  • People gossiping in the street

  • Disputes on social media

  • 'Dirty looks' or rude gestures

  • General household noise at reasonable times

  • DIY at reasonable times

  • Cooking odours

  • Smoking in own homes

  • One-off parties

  • Roaming dogs

  • Barking dogs (for short period of times)

  • Dog fouling

  • Cats in gardens

  • Life-style clash

  • Bonfires